Wednesday, 28 January 2015

veil / breath

I'm working on an ongoing series of artist books. These books have painting as their focus, using my sketchbooks as a starting point. My interest is in creating small series/sequences of paintings that work together and become visual poems within a book. The books have no words, except for the title and my signature.

Here I am explaining some of the process - how I made the first book in this series, a book titled 'veil / breath'.

So, to begin I made many small paintings exploring a particular palette and mood. At the start there was no set title, but as I worked so words came to mind and I followed them, listening out to whispers almost, feeling about for a pattern within the shapes and patterns I was making on paper.... Eventually, after some working and decision-making eight small paintings came together.

The construction of the book itself:  after considering folding formats I opted instead for a more traditional look - a single signature of heavy paper with tracing paper between pages.

The tracing paper has two purposes: a practical one protecting the paintings and another, creating a veil, a whisper or a pause, a breath between the paintings. I remember too looking at art books in the library, many years ago, when there would be special colour plates showing paintings and there would be fine tracing-like paper covering the pictures, so that you had to lift the fine paper to see the picture properly....

the book opens and there is a piece of mirror card - so that the book's reader is invited in, yet in a veiled kind of way..... What I am exploring in the book (and in much of my work now) is how we see figures within abstract shapes and how abstract shapes can become figures.... here you see my distorted hand holding a camera taking the photo.

cover: dyed/stained heavy calico fabric over card, with soft spine

another view of the book when open.


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Oh Cathy, it's all so gorgeous ! The process, the paintings, the object of art in itself ! Just wow.
Thank you so much for sharing, my friend !

Cathy Cullis said...

Thank you Sonia, I am pleased to know you have enjoyed reading and looking, always a pleasure xx

Cathy Cullis said...

Thank you Sonia, I am pleased to know you have enjoyed reading and looking, always a pleasure xx

Susan Hemann said...

terrific idea!!

Norma Conway said...

So great a feeling to have when viewing/touching/feeling your work, to have space for one's own views/touches/and feelings to enter into the work. It's grand Cathy! Love it. Love your work as always. Norma, x

Cathy Cullis said...

Thank you Susan and Norma, always good to hear from you!