Thursday, 8 January 2015

new work

I am always a little hesitant when sharing new work - perhaps I want to keep it all to myself, or at least keep new work and ideas to myself for just a little longer.... But sharing my work is a vital stage of it all, yes. And I am pleased to receive your response. If you follow me over at Flickr or Instagram, then you will have been seeing a flavour of recent works/ideas. There are several different ideas moving around from sketchbook pages to different individual works, paintings. I'm working on still life paintings and abstracted figure paintings. And some of these are a little of both. Some are more toward abstraction, others are more traditional or figurative in approach. But what I see are layers and I work at the layers until I feel it is time to stop. Paint, the matter of paint, the echoes of layers, remembering the colours and shapes of paintings I have seen maybe years ago....

My recent paintings are about historical painting but are not attempts at reproducing the past - they are a response to it, in ways. This will make more sense when I share more (perhaps) and if you have been reading here for a while - but for now here are two smaller paintings:

smaller painting - daffodils

 a smaller portrait

smaller portrait


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

I love those dark tones & the bright, happy daffodils ! Such a contrast, and it is lovely ! Thank you for sharing glimpses of your WIPs ! oxox

Tina Gilmore said...

I'm so glad Cathy that you share your work, it brightens up my day seeing it and i look forward to reading about your plans and works in process. The daffodils are gorgeous, as are your portraits as always xx

Susan Hemann said...

I love your work, glad you have the courage to share, i hardly ever show what I do

Debra said...

I love your work too. If you ever have the time or inclination, I'd love to have a glimpse of your work day schedule-how much time do you devote to making art? Do you have to set aside the time for it so other things won't distract you? It is always inspiring to see your work. Thank you for sharing it!

Cathy Cullis said...

many thanks for all your comments.

I will certainly consider writing up something to do with my work schedule, Debra yes. Making art is my job, so I have to be quite organized and a strict boss. However, there is flexibility in being self-employed. I will put together some ideas to share.