Monday, 5 January 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday! aaa

1. #Painting reflects #nature #intuitive  #spontaneous #ink #process #art #creativity #instaart #artdaily, 2. the crows foraging, 3. Cerchi, 4. Untitled, 5. still life with bird dec 14, 6. More patchwork for a quilt, 7. P1070863, 8. tangled, 9. La Butaca, 10. narcissus, 11. 1675, 12. Cadmium Yellow - Colour Collective, 13. riffs, 14. Stinchar Hills, 15. So, when I decided to do custom portraits I told myself "no pets" for a variety of reasons. Then a friend asks me to stitch a portrait of her boyfriend's cats. "Sure!" I say. Then, while I'm working on said cats I told another friend, "No more pets... Unt, 16. wear, 17. Pollard Tree, 18. untitled number 5, 19. Trame. Emilio Nanni, 20. 1DSC_0005, 21. Omaggio a me stessa #Trieste e ricordatevi che @eletubaro √® una perditempo anche se non esiste ma si manifesta inspiegabilmente e imprevedibilmente se viene fortemente evocata da astenuti perditempo, 22. fantasy bug, 23. The lion sleeps no more, 24. January 2nd & 3rd - I painted in my art journal both days. Three days in a row. Proud of myself! Also proud that I pushed myself to use colours that I don't normally use (grey, lavender, orange). I don't love the paintings I have done so far this year, bu, 25. ., 26. Cold and frosty morning, 27. Untitled, 28. coral spot fungus, 29. Tim Lowly, 30. margaret cameron

It's mosaic Monday all over again - yes I have moved my almost-quite-often-weekly mosaic feature back to the Monday slot. Many thanks to all the photographers and artists featured in this mosaic featuring just some of the images that caught my eye recently, over at Flickr.

Hello first Monday in January - it is now dark and chilly here. I have spent the day in my tiny studio space working on my sketchbooks and a few new paintings. Today I worked on a still life painting with tiny star white narcissus. I have a small bunch of these flowers in our living room and the scent is gentle, like a vibration. Rarely do I work from life, so I look and then I paint and once I have finished I look again.

I'm working toward a shop update and that is a few weeks away on Wednesday 21st. These several days ahead will be spent working with paint, a little stitch and other media too.

Have a good start to your week.



Thank you so much for including one of mine Cathy. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Love and best wishes, Carolyn x

Cathy Cullis said...

thanks always Carolyn, love and best wishes x