Thursday, 31 December 2015

winter sketchbooks

winter sketchbooks

gouache and layers of papers

winter sketchbooks

pages in my winter sketchbooks - may I wish you a very happy new year, all best wishes for 2016.

There will be just a small update to my shop, on Wednesday January 6th - just a few new pieces to start the new year.

I'll be back with a mosaic as usual on Monday. Thanks for all your kind comments here, thanks for visiting in 2015, for keeping this blog alive and sharing.....


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Season's Greetings

winter sketchbook

winter sketchbook

May I wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful, delightful festive season - - I'll be taking a short break from blogging here and will be back in the new year.

Meanwhile, I have shared a new 'tiny winter' poem - over at my nevering writing blog.

Monday, 21 December 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. 2015-12-21_05-42-47, 2. Untitled, 3. Il faut être léger comme l'oiseau et non comme la plume" Paul Valéry . Série noir, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. Today is the first day of winter break (I teach kindergarteners full time) - back to my work😃 #wip #embroidery #embroideryart #bordado #broderie, 7. Coming to the end of this sketchbook! But hey, its Christmas soon :), 8. winter, 9. nu atelier assis fond vert, 10. Dec 18/15 #stitch, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. ona, 14. Fachwerkhof, 15. road to nowhere, 16. comfort zone, 17. caput, 18. sketchbook, 19. "OVERLOOK" First Proof (detail), 20. Next generation of paper houses waiting for paint., 21. winters robin. 12x23 cm. gouache on watercolor paper., 22. riffs, 23. Untitled, 24. dark interior, 25. Untitled

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A mosaic of inspiring images for you to start this festive week..... many thanks as always to the artists and photographers featured. Please follow links and discover much more....

A wet and windy start to the week here, still mild and not particularly wintry.... I am busy baking, still have presents to wrap and things to finish knitting and stitching. A stack of library books wait for my attention.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchased artwork from me - this year and especially recently. Much appreciated! All packages are now sent. I'll not be posting now until the new year (from January 4th).

Have a very good rest of December, however you may be celebrating - look out for one or two new blog posts here and over at nevering.

all best wishes, Cathy

Sunday, 20 December 2015

in search of winter

woodland this December

local woodland this December

We're caught in a mild spell, in many parts of England. Yesterday it was so warm I could have gone for a walk with no coat. I pegged my washing in the garden and noted (sadly) green fly on the hellebore flowers that grow in a pot by our kitchen door....

A place that inspires me is our local parkland and woodland - there is no deep forest to get lost in but there are patches of wooded areas and these I like very much. At this time of year I had hoped to go walking with my camera and take photographs of frost on bark, ice on leaf - perhaps a snowy blanket across the park view. But it is not to be. Yesterday I went walking and found myself in a place of bare trees and lush green. The moss is thick, the grass thicker. It is very muddy - swampy in places. To be honest, it's taken me a while to get used to just walking by myself, where no one else is, with maybe at times only one or two other people appearing. For a while it felt odd to be so alone (suburban-anxiety perhaps). Though I like to walk with company and sometimes do, I think I like just taking my own route. I have come to enjoy my solitary walks as a time for thinking and noting the details of the landscape. If at first I might have even pretended I had a dog (who had just wandered off into the thicket), I now am a bit more relaxed about taking my time, being where I am and seeing things. There are days I take my camera and days I am just walking. Yesterday it was so mild I should have visited with a picnic and a good book.

Things I noted in the woodland: thick mosses, swampy mud, trodden in autumn leaves. There are red berries on some holly but not on all holly. Any spectacular seed heads have now been blown to oblivion by near-constant windy weather. The streams are thriving but not too full. There are fat buds on a few trees. Not especially wintry at all.

If the weather cannot provide a little glitter - then I have made my own, simply:

a bowl of silver-painted fern

There are many dried fern leaves about - so I have painted them with silver and separated the individual frond pieces. These are displayed in a small handmade bowl, a bowl I made some years ago.

Meanwhile, I am keeping a winter sketchbook. So I can at least remember and imagine a winter that feels perhaps a little more wintry....

winter sketchbook

winter sketchbook

Monday, 14 December 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Reading thinking #draweveryday #reading #livingroom, 2. Black window, 3. simplicity of sketchbooks, 4. brother and sister forever, 5. xmas cards, 6., 7. xmas sm-1, 8. Bouquet #3, 9. arched window, 10. under the magnolia. gouache. 4x6 inches. 140 lb wc paper., 11. Tattooed sisters, 12. Dec 11/15 #stitch, 13. first snow # 4, 14. Trying out my new @tate watercolour paper #watercolour #paper #draw #painting #patternplaces #marylouiseevans #contemporaryart, 15. Little Tree is Up, 16. #art #watercolor #aqua #colour #brush #china #antique #illustration #drawing #sketchbook #moleskine #diary #instagram #instapic #beautiful #vase #tea, 17. Untitled, 18. Leo & Pipo, by Niels Kalk II, 19. kitchen, 20. boy & red blanket

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Hello, a happy Monday to you - another mild December day here, a bit dull and damp, but not particularly wintry.... I have a hunch we'll have a mild Christmas and then a late cold snap next February. But I am often wrong - when it comes to the weather! I see many other places (Canada, USA) are also experiencing mild temperatures. Anyway, enough of the weather - let me once again thank all my Flickr contacts and especially the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links to discover more.

As you may know, I am not updating my shop this week and am taking some time off from the usual busy-busy. So instead of sharing new artwork with you I will be sharing other things.

There will be a new 'grandmama story' - to be posted over at my nevering blog tomorrow! You may be familiar with my 'grandmama stories' - but if not I hope you will still enjoy reading.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing here some notes on inspiring artists and places. And a few sketchbook pages.

Thanks again to everyone who has recently purchased artwork from my shop. All packages are now sent - and I am happy to continue to send out orders until 22nd December.

Have a good week and more soon.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

thank you

vintage baubles

vintage baubles on silver birch twigs

A thank you to everyone for visiting my newly-updated shop yesterday. Your interest is very much appreciated. I've just posted a batch of packages today. A reminder: I am happy to post out as quickly as I can, up to December 21st. After the 21st I'll not be going to the post office until January 4th.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing here some notes on the artists and places that inspire me, and perhaps a post or two on my own Christmas crafting.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

new work

a group of new figure works

a group of figure works on linen

A new series of figures - these are small-scale and on linen. Please look at the above as examples of this new series - they may not all be in my shop update tomorrow, but some will and there may be others not in this group. I've yet to complete a few - and so am making final choices tomorrow morning.

After a taking a bit of a break from considering the figure it has been a pleasure to explore again. I'm interested in fleeting moments, colour, abstraction. Working on a small scale, I like to think of these as snapshots, perhaps blurred as the figures walk or turn.... Inspiration comes from looking at finer, grander paintings and translating them into my own world. I look to the painters of the past without wishing to recreate their past.

I hope you may enjoy seeing the final selection tomorrow. And there will be more in the new year.

still life with asymmetric old jar

still life with asymmetric old jar

Continuing on with my still life explorations..... I recently purchased a very old ginger jar - from a guy who digs old dumps for bottles, pots etc... I liked the asymmetric shape of the jar and its imperfections. It would have been thrown away as not good enough. And there's something humble and interesting about it. 

pale winter vessels

pale winter vessels

Quiet winter tones, interesting, gentle, meandering lines. Little hints of warmer earth colours.

These are just some of the works that will be in my shop update tomorrow - the last update for this year! Many thanks always.

So, looking forward to tomorrow - oh and I'm just about to write a post over at nevering. I'll be sharing a new text/stitch work over there today. There will be three text/stitch works in my shop tomorrow.

Monday, 7 December 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Old December, 2. The Alpine Factory 3/3, 3. Lichtfänger, 4. advent calendar 2015 - day 3 and day 4, 5. Mezzi busti, 6. Untitled, 7. Dec 5/15 #stitch #japanesemaple #december #lakeontario #toronto #ontario, 8. japanese hemp paper and weavings, 9. Untitled, 10. Fog and frost this morning., 11. paysage, 12. Siglufjörður, 13. Nikolaus, 14. just out of the kiln, 15. morning light, 16. nothing cold about it, 17. slow, 18. Dream... #instantwerpen #light #window #vitrine #p3top #magesticsquares, 19. One minute #drawings #lifedrawing, 20. Untitled

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Hello, another December Monday comes around - and a mild start to the week here. (Parts of the UK have suffered terrible weather over the past few days, with record-level rainfall and flooding - thinking of all the people affected). A little dampness and murkiness at the start of the day here, but really nothing at all to complain about. I doesn't feel like winter, but it is another one of those days that could be October, March, or December. However, my festive mood persists and this week's mosaic gives a little hint toward sparkle, a celebration of light and texture. Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured. Please do follow links, if you have a moment, and discover more.

This week is a special one - as always I can't quite believe it but here I am about to update my shop for the last time - this year. I'll be updating my shop this Wednesday at 2pm. Thanks always for taking a look and many thanks to everyone who has purchased recently, so very much appreciated. Just a reminder: I am not reserving artwork during December. 

I hope to give a little preview of new artworks tomorrow, if time allows. I really want to offer a lovely selection of special pieces, and hope you may enjoy seeing.

Beyond this week: I will be working in my sketchbooks and beginning to quietly make new work over the holidays, considering a few personal projects. I'm also giving myself some time off to spend with family. Just a day or two, but I am looking forward to it. This year has gone by so quickly as my family and I have been especially busy, working hard - it's really been a year of making progress and taking new steps for all of us.

Have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

new work - small cups series

Yes cups - I think of all the vessels I enjoy collecting (both vintage and studio) it is the cup that makes me smile the most. There's a certain feeling of peaceful home. If perhaps my bowl paintings are meditations my cup paintings are moments of pleasure (a good brew).

Small in scale, these tiny paintings measure just 12cm x 9cm and are mixed media* on linen. Each cup has its own individual feel and shape. This is an ongoing series. Tomorrow you will be able to have a better look at each - I'll be adding about six cup paintings to my shop.

here's a quick snap of four cups together.... (they will be offered individually).

Also for this week I have a rather different still life: I've had this idea nudging about in my sketchbooks for a while.

'winter trees - a still life'

this work measures 23cm x 20cm - so larger (for me). It is again mixed media* on linen.

winter trees - a still life

 *mixed media: I use mostly acrylics and gouache, perhaps with a little pencil, or watercolour. The combinations vary from work to work. There's also the gesso foundation/priming to each work. I find it easier to describe my work as mixed media, but just wished to clarify for anyone who is new to my work or was unsure.

Thanks always - so shop update is tomorrow at 2pm. As we are now in December (and holidays are on the horizon) I am not reserving any artworks - this is to allow anyone interested to purchase immediately and receive promptly. (I'll be reserving again from January). Thanks for your understanding.

Meanwhile, I have shared some new text/stitch works over at my blog nevering today.

Monday, 30 November 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Nov 28/15 #stitch #naturaldyeing #silk #thread #circles #linen, 2. morning light detail, 3. ·, 4. Exhibition "takaramono", 5. Phantom neighbourhood #werkaday  #werkadaynov15 #buildings #highrise #urban, 6. lanes on dykes - tunnels, 7. Each Door-Step has its own blossoms, 8. models, 9. Love Me Tender, 10. #wip #embroidery #embroideryart #bordado #broderie, 11. IMG_0523, 12. #etching Tel-Aviv workshop Nov. 2015 Blue buildings, 13. DSC_0002 (2), 14. Tilia x vulgaris, 15. { So, for us, seeing colors is one of the simplest things the brain does. }, 16. Untitled, 17. Rain and fog, 18. Beautiful morning. #latergram #snow #landscape, 19. Above And Below, 20. the lower portion, 21. Untitled, 22. Untitled, 23. The grace, 24. Untitled, 25. 19 November 2015, 26. in front of 'Cappuccino's' café - Bridlington, 27. the haunted knight, 28. 3, 29. English magic, 30. Little Gardener Sets

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Hello again, last Monday in November, last day of November..... a windy, mild, dampish start to the week here. Just as you might expect. We have not had much in the way of cold weather but I am certain that is to come, perhaps in a few weeks. Many thanks as always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. As always I encourage you to follow links and discover more.

There are just two shop updates left for this year - feels quite extraordinary - and also a challenge: to offer something special (as always). So over the next few weeks I am concentrating on smaller scale works, stitched works and painting, artworks you might just like to add to your collection, or give as a gift.

Next shop update: Wednesday 2nd December at 2pm.

So I am quite busy making new work and hope to share more here and over at nevering. Look out tomorrow for new blog posts. Thanks always for your interest, it really cannot be said enough: much appreciated!

Later in December I'll be sharing some blog posts re: artists and places that inspire me. Just to offer something a little different, for a while.

More soon, have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

new work

holding, together

holding, together - mixed media on linen

I have been painting - working on a further selection of bowl/vessel studies.... these are intriguing for me, one leading to another. They are based on 'real life observation' yet take on a life of their own. It's possible, I am finding, to work on one and then know the next, almost. Yet there has to be time for reflection and each is quite individual. I work on these quietly, often early in the morning. My working space has daylight bulbs and that extra few hours of light really makes a difference, I am finding.... So below are a few more:

'ancient of days - red earth vessel' - mixed media on linen

'pale and red vessel' - mixed media on linen

I have at least one other painting (yet to be photographed). 

Meanwhile, I have just shared another new text/stitch work over at nevering.

Monday, 23 November 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Today. Family. Cold / early afternoon forest walk / gathering pine cones & fallen pine branches for wreath / Christmas mood., 2. Untitled, 3. a gathering, 4. sawtooth, 5. Novemberhimmel, 6. first snow. #viewfrommywindow, 7. 20 debris, 8. ·, 9. © Susanne Breuss, 10/2015, Maladie unique, Collage (13,9 x 10,1 cm), 10. Nov 19/15 #stitch #ecoprint #naturaldyeing #japanesemaple #onionskin #autumn #november #toronto #ontario, 11. Woman lying at an angle, 12. A little collection of experiments using traditional techniques and local plant material. One collection of many being exhibited    at the Sugarmill Studio with wonderful work from many other artists. The gallery is the brilliant creation of Tamsin Ainsli, 13. Home, 14. 'twinkle ... ' #fromthelandofdragons #scruffywalk #rain #lifeisgood, 15. 075 drawing, 16. blind painted, 17. herbstende, 18. Autunno, 19. spring, 20. riffs

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Hello, a happy Monday to you - we are moving toward the end of the year and time is ticking by. First real frost this morning! Snowflakes spotted Saturday morning (quickly becoming sleet). It's getting wintry. Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links to discover more.

I was stitching this morning wearing layers, over layers. Bit of a chilly start here. It felt appropriate as I was stitching quite a wintry piece. You can read and see over at my writing blog nevering.

It's that time when I think it's a good idea to let you know my last ordering dates for Christmas. These dates are based on the guidance given by Royal Mail and my own plans. So please note the following, if you need to receive an order from me before Christmas (do bear in mind I cannot guarantee deliver if events happen beyond my control eg. we all get snowed in).

Order before these dates and your package should arrive before Christmas:
UK: Saturday 19th December
Central Europe/EU(except Greece): Monday 14th December
US/Canada: Monday 14th December
Australia/New Zealand/ Greece: Wednesday 9th December
rest of the world (eg. Japan): Thursday 3rd December

I will not be posting orders between Tuesday 22nd December and January 3rd. I'll be posting again from January 4th onward. 

There will be new artworks in my shop this week, on Wednesday 25th at 2pm (UK time). After this week there will be two updates in December: Wednesday December 2nd and Wednesday December 9th. After these dates expect to see an update very close to the New Year and further dates in January, to be decided.

Thanks always - I am looking forward to sharing much more with you over the next few weeks. Look out for a post here tomorrow previewing a few new paintings. Have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

new work

pale earth bowl

pale earth bowl - mixed media on linen

Continuing to explore simple forms and shadows too....  the 'earth vessels' I am painting are part observation and part meditation perhaps...

blue footed bowl

blue footed bowl - mixed media on linen

I do like cobalt blue. I like how blue brings a bowl to life in a very direct way. 

Two today - I have more yet to photograph, including new stitch/text works. So I hope you will enjoy seeing all the new selection tomorrow. (Shop update at 2pm)

Thanks always

Monday, 16 November 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. ordine vuoti 2015 Emilio Nanni, 2. Looking at Henry Moore at Tate Britain, 3. Untitled, 4. Mom's weeds, 5. flight DY4313, 13/11, 2015, 6. 1980sm, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. strata, 10. #watercolor #stilllife #instaart #insraartist #plants #sketchbook, 11. #atelierseltner, 12. Digbeth, 13. journal-472, 14. time collapse, 15. sphere, 16. artist's easel, 17. Suddenly, 18. Untitled, 19. Untitled, 20. Brunch with Alice Drawing001, 21. Untitled, 22. Misia and Felix, 23. Cité céleste 4, 24. matisse interior with eggplants, 25. riffs

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Hello to you and thanks always for visiting here - and as always many thanks to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links to discover more. I hope you find some inspiration. So many thoughtful images to discover.


Last Friday's events in Paris shook so many of us. I am sure you share my great sadness. This weekend was spent doing useful and creative things at home, being with my family. On hearing terrible news it is all too easy to find one's energy diverted negatively, so I remind myself to be here, now. Much respect to the dignified and wonderful people of Paris.


So this week I am once again very busy with new artworks. I am enjoying working on my different yet overlapping projects/practices/ideas. Working with text and stitch together has been a positive thing for me, especially as I am able to make pieces that are both visually interesting and rich with ideas. I feel very fortunate to be following this interesting path right now - and thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in these stitch/text works. Meanwhile, I am continuing to enjoy the challenge of painting most days. Over the past several weeks I have explored a variety of ideas to do with still life painting and have found myself again very 'drawn to' the bowl form. Painting has become more and more a meditative way of working. All that I do right now demands a commitment to focus and trust my way forward.

There will be new artworks in my shop this week. A modest yet lively selection. I'll update at 2pm (Uk time). I may vary the update time in weeks ahead, but for now 2pm seems to be the time that works best. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Hope to share a few previews of new work tomorrow. Have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

new work

A look at just a few of the new works I'll be adding to my shop tomorrow.... Alongside a few more postcard-sized works I am also adding slightly larger....

vintage cups

'vintage cups' - mixed media on linen

pale textured bowl

'pale textured bowl' - mixed media on linen (postcard size)

figs with bowl

'figs with bowl' - mixed media on linen

And please visit my writing blog nevering to see a new stitched work

Monday, 9 November 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

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Hello and a happy Monday to you - a windswept, cloudy start here. At least not as dark as it has been recently. Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this mosaic and yes do follow links to discover much more.

I've just spent this morning writing/stitching and am quite dizzy after several hours of intense work.... It is very focused work, rather like juggling, using different skills simultaneously. I'm learning so much about my own writing process (and the quirks of my handwriting). I still have more to do on the piece I am working on at the moment, which is titled 'overwintering'. I have the t's to cross tomorrow (as I write I do not stop to cross the t's but go back later to do so). Visit my writing blog nevering to see my improvisation/writing/stitch works.

This week I am working on both stitch/writing and painting. There will be a selection of new artworks in my shop at the (semi-regular) time of 2pm UK. Thanks always for your interest. 

I hope to preview a few of the new artworks tomorrow. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

figgy Friday

black figs (bowl within bowl)

there's no such thing as figgy Friday (as far as I know) but I'm having one anyway.... this morning I've been looking carefully at black figs, their shape and tones, their quirky differences. It's very tempting to eat them as they are ripe and ready to be eaten! I'll eat them soon.... The bowls: the smallest one I made many years ago, a little pinch pot in stoneware. The larger bowl is by a ceramic artist who cannot name right now, my memory is defeated for the moment.

figs in pencil

I've made very quick sketches. A quick expressive pencil sketch is more appealing and helpful to me, I find, then a laboured drawing. But that's just my approach. I'm not a grand-scale painter who labours.... it's all about the moment for me.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my updated shop. I sent a lovely batch of packages yesterday. There will be a few new artworks in my shop next Wednesday. I know the bowls were particularly popular and there will be more soon.....

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

new work for November

dark etched jug with red

'dark etched jug with red' - mixed media on linen

two for you today - looking at pairings, different backgrounds.... above has a rich interior feel

below is 'olive jug with little cup' - and the background suggests, perhaps, a landscape, a view from a window
olive jug and little cup

these will both be in my shop tomorrow - I'll be adding quite a large selection of new painted works and stitch work too. Then, in future weeks until Christmas, I'll be adding a smaller selection each week.

Photographing all the works has not been straightforward, working with differing light and sometimes dark days. I do use a natural light box to help out, and my aim has always been to accurately show the colour and detail. So I enjoy the challenge!

Meanwhile, if you would like to see a new piece of stitch work - also to be included in my shop update tomorrow - please take a look over at nevering, where you can see the piece and read more. Thanks always.

Monday, 2 November 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Crowded clowder., 2. working at the olive grove#drawing #instaart #sketchbook #men #figurative #painting, 3. #art #oilpainting #sketch #drawing #pencil #children #world #maria #jesus #leonarddevinci #instalike #instadaily #peinture, 4. Untitled, 5. Goswell Rd, 6. susana1, 7. one fancy cocktail, 8. g a r d e n, 9. patois (with a huge thank you to mr. lowly for the title inspiration), 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12., 13. Shadow, 14. What do you know. .., 15. Oct 29/15 #embroidery #embroideryart #brodie #rosemary #autumn #toronto #ontario, 16. riffs, 17. Jim Harris: Hastings., 18. I dreamt it was spring again., 19. G0129, 20. the somnolent ghost

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Hello and a happy November Monday to you...... many thanks to all the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. As always please follow links (and discover the image that is 'hiding' behind the 'white square' - it's worth a peek.....)

We have had a foggy start to the week here - and it's still foggy out there, and will possibly linger for the next few hours or more. I do like fog. Indeed it could be my favourite kind of weather. But not freezing fog with ice, just fog no ice please! Perhaps it is the timeless, still quality that it gives trees and buildings. Looking up the road this morning I just could not see anything, I could not tell what might be approaching, who might appear, what could be beyond a few steps away.... Perhaps for a moment I slipped into another time....

This week I am updating my shop with a special selection of postcard-sized (or thereabouts) original artworks. I am excited (and a little nervous, because I never take your interest for granted). I hope you may enjoy taking a look.

Shop update: Wednesday November 4th at 2pm UK time (please check the time/difference if you are outside the UK as our clocks went back an hour recently - thanks).

I'll be adding a few new artworks each week from now on - so please do check back regularly. And thanks always.

You may have noticed I have slightly tweaked the layout of this blog. I am never sure who is reading but I know many people visit these pages and thanks, hello! I am going to start adding labels to posts, finally, so that things are a little easier to find/search. I'll also be adding new pages with links etc... 

Tomorrow I'll preview here a few more works.... have a good Monday.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


early morning

yesterday morning - early - I like to work very early if I can. No distractions. No phone bleeps, no calls, just me and Radio 3..... and a daylight bulb. Maybe my mind is clearer, less full of chatter and things to do. At 5.30am what else is there to do?

harlequin squash

harlequin squash - as squash are not just for Halloween, of course - I like these attractive edibles and will be 'overwintering' to make soup (they probably will become soup before winter).....

new postcard sized original works for you to see now - with my shop update coming this Wednesday. (I think the update time will be 2pm but will confirm soon).

three - still life

the still life you see in the top photo is this one: 'three' - mixed media on linen

ochre cups with blue

'ochre cups with blue' - mixed media on linen

dark blue tea bowl

'dark blue tea bowl' - mixed media on linen

If you are looking for my most recent embroidery - please do visit my writing blog nevering - where you can see a few examples of my latest stitch/writing works.... there will a small selection of these in my shop next Wednesday and this series is ongoing.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

November postcards

green tea mug with landscape

'green tea mug with landscape' - mixed media on linen

a coffee pot

'a coffee pot' - mixed media on linen

'tea pot on a shelf' - mixed media on brown card


'teabowl' - mixed media on linen

postcard-sized original artworks - these will be available to purchase in my shop next week, Wednesday 4th November.

Sizes: I have varied the sizing and so although most are about 14cm x 10cm - some are slightly smaller or larger. All works will be individually priced.

Thanks always.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

November Postcards

blue and white cup with portrait

blue and white cup with portrait
(mixed media on linen)

red cup, evening

red cup, evening
(mixed media on linen)

blue and white jar

blue and white jar
(mixed media on linen)

yellow jug with dotty curtain

yellow jug with dotty curtain
(mixed media on brown card)

new postcard sized original works - coming to my shop in November.... I'll be adding postcards through the month. First update Wednesday 4th November.

Monday, 26 October 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Untitled, 2. Still wet, 3. the blue veil (story of a funeral fiend, with butterflies), 4. gato, 5. Herbstfeuer, 6. Untitled, 7. lunch, 24/10, 2015, 8. october patchwork, 9. The river today, 10. ·, 11. Struttura38 - G025, 12. Swinging #inktober, 13. Untitled, 14. STUDIO, 15. Untitled, 16. Collage Fever - Leutnant Gustl/Arthur Schnitzler, 17. nice to meet you!, 18. pumpkin patch, 19. Autumnal Love, 20. Untitled

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A happy autumnal Monday to you - many thanks to all the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. It's the last week of October and here we are ankle-deep in vibrant autumn leaves and enjoying the fleeting sunshine..... The hot water bottles are filled up each evening, the heating is switched on for a little while, and my thoughts are moving toward winter.

As many other people I have mixed feelings regarding winter. I enjoy seeing the first real frost and the first 'proper snow' - if we get any. I'm happy to see children pulling their sledges along the street - we live in a hilly neighbourhood and have some great slopes! But I do find the dark days difficult at times. I get seasonal adjustment disorder and can struggle a bit, but do have the help of a lightbox and daylight bulbs - and they do help.

So right now I am making the most of any autumn sunshine, charging my batteries in anticipation of winter. I am embracing colour so much these days. For a while I almost avoided colour as if it was something that wasn't 'for me', but I think I understand why I had to do that. Now I want to know more about colour. I've spent several years working by myself and working through things - my work has been evolving and if I hit a 'wall' I have taught myself how to make a turn. Like many artists I feel my working life is a constant apprenticeship and I am always challenging myself because I thrive under a certain amount of pressure. That is why I create projects, but am also open to reinventing ideas and understanding when I need a change of direction.

My November postcards project is a happy challenge indeed - and I am looking forward to sharing more previews of artwork. This week I'll be posting several 'mostly pictures' posts - to share here some of the postcard-sized original paintings that will be in my shop from November 4th.

And this week I'll also be sharing here some of the new stitched works that I am creating and will write a little more about them.

Have a good start to your week and more soon.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

coming in November

postcard painting - (temporary frame)

a postcard-sized work placed temporarily in a vintage frame

Yes, I am pleased to let you know here that I am once again (for a second year) offering a special selection of postcard-sized works throughout November.

November Postcards starts November 4th - and I'll be adding additional postcard-sized works throughout November.

Last year I offered a variety of original small works: still life paintings, figure/abstract works too. This year I am once again considering the still life. However my focus will be very much about colour, shape and pattern.  There will also be special postcard-sized stitched text works (more on those next week).

still life (postcard size)

a postcard work

I am interested in pictures within pictures, composition and abstraction.... But yes more than anything colour! Over the past few years I have explored colour with more confidence. I'm fascinated by how colour works and how it may transform ideas.


My artworks are created to be enjoyed in homes, they are small-scale and often homely - I make no apology for making pictures I would want in my own home. I believe that even the most neutral and pared-down home interior needs a shot of colour, even if on a small scale..... As you may know I am very interested in ceramics and have a modest collection, so pots of all shapes and sizes feature in my work. I don't create compositions directly 'from life' - but look about my home and find ideas, perhaps the shape of a cup as a starting point...

Over the next few weeks I will be showing here a small selection of the larger selection....

Looking forward to sharing more.